School Fees 2019-20

All fees must be paid in advance of the start of the school year.

School Fee Summary

Total Yearly Fees Per Grade Level – Not Including Enrolment
OurPlanet Muscat charges an annual tuition fee for the whole academic year, payable in advance upon receipt of the enrolment confirmation by the school. The tuition fee may also be paid in two equal instalments provided that the second semester fees are paid up front via a post-dated cheque dated 1st January 2020. OurPlanet School Fees are non-refundable.
Early Years 1 OMR 2,600
Early Years 2 OMR 3,075
Primary Year 1 OMR 3,125
Primary Year Grades 2-3 OMR 3,550
Primary Year Grades 4-5 OMR 3,650
Primary Year 6 OMR 4,200
Middle Years Programme 1 OMR 6,600
  • These fees do not include uniforms or optional services such as catering or transport.
  • Tuition Fee discounts may apply. Please see below.

New Entry Fees

Enrolment Fee OMR 750
The Enrolment Fee confirms a student's entry into OurPlanet Muscat after interview with the Admissions team. It is to be paid upon a student’s acceptance to the school to reserve his or her place. The Enrolment Fee is due in the first year only. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. Enrolment fees are one-time only for new students and are in addition to the annual fees listed below.


Tuition Fees
Early Years 1 OMR 2,100
Early Years 2 and Primary Year 1 OMR 2,350
Primary Year Grades 2-5 OMR 2,550
Primary Year Grades 6 OMR 3,100
Middle Years Programme Grade 7 OMR 4,500
  • The sibling discount is 5% for the second child and 10% for the third child. Discounts for each additional child are available at the discretion of the Principal.
  • An OMR 100 deduction on Tuition Fees will apply to payments of full school year tuition fees received on or before 30 June for the subsequent school year.
  • Additional fees may apply for individual language lessons beyond the offered curriculum and external exams. There will be no additional fees for educational field trips and guest speakers at the school.

Administration Fee
The Administration Fee is an annual fee for registration and re-enrolment of the student to OurPlanetMuscat.
Early Years 1 OMR 350
Early Years 2 and Primary Year 1 OMR 575
Primary Year Grades 2-6 OMR 800
Middle Years Programme Grade 7 OMR 1,000
Capital Asset Replacement Fund
The Capital Asset Replacement Fund is not an annual fee. It is paid as each child enters the relevant grade level. For instance, a child entering Grade 1 will pay 100 OMR, and will not have to pay again until they enter grade 4, when they pay the difference of 100 OMR. The Capital Asset Replacement Fund will be used to provide electronic devices in the Early Years classrooms, laptop devices in PYP 1 – PYP 3 classrooms, and a laptop for every student from PYP 4 through to MYP 1, along with other improvements as the school continues to grow.
Early Years 1 & Early Years 2 OMR 50
Primary Years Grades 1-3 OMR 100
Primary Year Grades 4-6 OMR 200
Middle Years Programme Grade 7 OMR 1,000
Building Levy OMR 100
The annual Building Levy fee assist with the costs of capital improvements within the new building.
Nobel Educational Services LLC Standard Terms & Conditions of Contract for Admission of Students
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