Head of school

Welcome to OurPlanet international School.  I am delighted to be Head of School at a wonderful school that feels like a family, and delivers a high level education to our students, in an environment that is safe, positive and comfortable.  The teachers are experienced and enjoy teaching at OurPlanet and the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum allows them to guide our students to inquire and use their curiosity to learn. The PYP teaches across the curriculum, bringing the different subjects together, demonstrating that everything learned is useful and is connected, making the learning real.

Our vision is to give our students the best academic education possible, alongside learning life skills and how to be a positive member of the communities they are part of, both local and global.  Sustainability is a theme throughout our school, as we believe in making Oman and the world a better place for our future. 

We are ​a​n international school, and so we combine the understanding of people and cultures from all over the world, and also a learning about the culture and history of Oman as well.  Arabic and English are both used and taught, as we believe that a solid base in a person’s home language and culture will help in learning new languages and cultures. 

I hope that if your student is with us at OurPlanet, they are enjoying learning, and if you want to learn more about our school, come and visit!

Seeing our school, and feeling what we do is the best way to decide who to trust your child’s education and growth to, and we hope it is OurPlanet!

Head of School