Early Years 2 Arts

At OurPlanet we offer Music, Visual Arts and Drama. Each of these arts is a significant discipline in its own right, but the transdisciplinary nature of arts gives them relevance throughout the curriculum. Arts promote attitudes such as empathy and appreciation, and skills such as analysis, that help us to see the uniqueness of each person as well as explore the commonalities that connect us. Work in arts is a way of conveying meaning, sharing a culture, developing one’s sense of self, and expanding knowledge. It provides opportunity to reflect on aesthetic experience, to engage the imagination and explore what is uncertain. Through engaging with and creating artworks, learners are encouraged to reconsider familiar concepts and think about issues of culture and identity.

What will students will be working on this year?

Music – Responding (Phase 1)

  • explore body and untuned percussion instrument sounds
  • recognize different sources of music in daily life
  • describe how music makes them feel
  • describe the differences in music

Music – Creating (Phase 1)

  • create and accompany music using a variety of sounds and instruments
  • play untuned percussion instruments in time with a beat
  • use the voice and body to create musical patterns
  • explore sound as a means of expressing imaginative ideas
  • recreate sounds from familiar experiences

Visual Arts – Responding (Phase 1)

  • enjoy experiencing artworks
  • make personal connections to artworks

Visual Arts – Creating (Phase 1)

  • engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • take responsibility for the care of tools and materials
  • use their imagination and experiences to inform their art making
  • create artwork in response to a range of stimuli