Term 2 After School Activities are here!


We are excited to offer a range of new and exciting activities for our Second Term After School Activity Program. 

Term 2 Activities are from Sunday, January 6 to Wednesday April 17, 14 weeks. Every class will meet a minimum 13 times, with the extra 14th only if possible. There are three days with no Activities planned at present during this term. The costs for Activities will be 70 OMR for the term (Early Years shorter activities 45 OMR). Note that Drama, Karate, Teddy Tennis, Football and MultiSport are two day activities, so sign up for both days. 

To sign up for your child in an activity, click in the link below and you will receive an email with your child’s Activity Assignments and an invoice to pay in school office or by back transfer. Changes can be made if there is room in an activity during week 1 (January 6-10.). Payments should be in by the end of week 2 (January 17).

 Activity Sign Up

Please note that refunds will only be given in the case that an instructor is unable to attend the activity. Refunds will not be given for a child’s absence for any reason. Please note that should your child wish to change group in the case they do not like the activity, this is only possible if there is a spare place in one of the other groups.


Thank you for your continued interest in the After School Program.  We will look forward to seeing your children having fun!