OurPlanet International School is very pleased to announce that Sodexo|Socat LLC will continue to provide catering for students and staff during the upcoming academic year. To order catering please download the catering form here and return it to the school. Catering is payable per semester in advance and once again we will be offering a Snack only alternative, or a Lunch only alternative if you would prefer. All prices are listed below.

  • Semester One – Snack only: 2 September to 20 December: 55 OMR
  • Semester One – Lunch only: 2 September to 20 December: 160 OMR
  • Semester One – Snack and Lunch: 2 September to 20 December: 210 OMR
  • Semester Two – Snack only: 6 January to 20 June: 75 OMR
  • Semester Two – Lunch only: 6 January to 20 June: 195 OMR
  • Semester Two – Snack and Lunch: 6 January to 20 June: 250 OMR

During Ramadan we will be offering Snack only for those students who are not fasting. This cost has been factored into the Semester Two catering prices for you.

We are also introducing a new ‘lunch box’ concept for our Early Years students, with their own special menu, to make it easier for them to collect their food and enjoy a nutritious meal.

All menus are below and if you click on the image you will receive a larger version.

Lunch box menus are below. There is no change in pricing.