PYP 4’s Fabulous Educational visit to the Fish souq and Riyam Park as part of their inquiry.
Note Central Idea: People can establish practices in order to sustain and maintain the earth’s resources . The focus was to gather information about fishing in Oman in terms of sustainable practice. The students learned that in Oman most fish are caught using a line and hook as opposed to large nets that cause Bycatch.
They used their senses to smell, touch and listen to the sounds of the busy fish souq where stallholders sold their various fish to customers. They saw many species of fish including shark, Tuna, Sole, Squid, Rays, sardines, Mackerel, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, cuttlefish, Hamour, Kingfish and Eels .PYP4 were prepared with good questions and spoke with confidence in both English, Arabic and some of them in home languages that they had in common with the vendors. They were a credit to our school.