After a few wonderful weeks of events, fun and a relaxing break, we are in the final run-up to the winter break on December 20th.  However, we can look back to a great Movie Night (thanks PTA!) that saw hundreds (really!) of people watching the movies and enjoying snacks.  I also enjoyed all the different aspects of the Oman National Day Celebrations, especially wearing my dishdasha for the day!

*Activities (new pick up location, make-up activities, Term 2)

*OurPlanet hosting KG teacher training

*Trousers now available

*Arabic study website

*PYP Assessment Workshop

*Music Winter Concert

*Birthday Celebrations in school

*Library update

Activities – Pick Up will now be at the Early Years Building entrance instead of the Primary Dining Hall, at 3:25-3:30pm.  Please do not be late to collect your student.  Thank you.

Activities for Term 1 make-up/replacement activities will be emailed to those that are possible, and credit for Term 2 given to those that are not possible.

Term 2 Activities lists and sign up will be out soon, so choices can be made before Winter Break, and we can start immediately after Winter Break.

OurPlanet are hosting a group of about 30 Omani prospective KG teachers (including some of our own TAs) who are doing a 4-month course, through the Ministry of Education and our own MENA company.  They will be using our Primary Dining Hall on Sunday through Thursday from 3-8pm each day until March.

If you ordered trousers from the School Uniform Shop, they are now available, please stop by on a Monday afternoon (1-3pm) and collect them from Karima.

New Arabic Support website – If you are interested in trying the new website to help your student with his Arabic, please send Mr Hisham your email address.

Please use these access details below for you to try the website. This is only for you to look around and decide if you like it. If you do like it, you need to send Mr. Hisham ( an email with your email address with permission for him to send this to the company who will then give you full access for the first month trial.
Username: mir157274
Password: mir157274

Login from PC:
Download App:

PYP Assessment Workshop by Ms Ana Castro in the Arabic Centre at 8-9am or 6-7pm on Wednesday, December 12th.  Please email Ms Ana ( if you are planning to attend, so we can determine numbers (too many and it will move location).

Music Winter Concert on the last day of the term, Thursday, December 20th at 1pm.  Almost all students will be involved, and it should last 60-75 minutes, and it will be outside on the stage.  More information to follow.


If your child wishes to celebrate his or her birthday at school, please inform the teachers in advance so that time will be set as for the birthday celebration. Parents are not allowed to assist their child’s birthday celebration during school time. Please note that party bags are not allowed. As OurPlanet is focused on sustainability, we also do not use styrofoam plates etc. whenever possible. For birthday celebrations outside of school times, please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless the entire class has been invited. This might result in hurt feelings for those not invited.

Library – Automatically generated late notices will now be sent to your email when your child has overdue books. These notices will be generated for books that have been checked out for more than 2 weeks. We hope these notices will help parents keep track of books that have been checked out. If you do have overdue books for any reason (i.e. illness, travel), your child can return them at his/her next regular library period – there is no rush. If you prefer to exchange the book sooner, you can do this with them at morning drop off. Alternatively, they can ask their teacher’s permission to come during the day.


Timothy Sloman,

Head of School