On March 5th, the students of PYP3 had a very exciting day and an amazing learning experience!

The students travelled to Hammam Village, about 30 minutes away from the school. First they went to the source of the hot spring and saw where hot springs comes out of the ground which is then transported to other areas. Next they visited Hammam village and saw howvlocal people use water to make bath houses for the community. This was divided for men and women and looked a nice relaxing way to spend a day.

Next, they went  to the farming area nearby and saw how people use Falaj’s to distribute water and how, even in a very hot country, Oman has a rich farming heritage. Miss Ruth shared her knowledge with the children of how Falaj’s work and the ancient system that is in place to ensure fair distribution. She also shared her vast knowledge of local plants and animals. After a quick lunch break the kids were ready for more water related learning and discovery!

In the afternoon, they were visited by the Middle Eastern Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC). Trish Pienaar, head of operations, showed the students a very informative and interesting Power Point Presentation all about where water comes from in Oman and then how water is used. After this the students completed an aquifer model which they took home to share with their family.

The concepts explored today will be developed further in the coming weeks and this will culminate with a celebration at MEDRC for World Water Day on March 22nd.