The first OurPlanet International School Comic Con was a great success!  
What started out as an intimate platform to showcase the skills of the students in an after-school comics class ended up expanding into a school-wide event that celebrated creativity and storytelling in many forms.  With tables and stations revolving around drawing, character design, role-playing games, cosplay, library resources, shapes & form, physical games, and video games, students and parents had fun investigating their own interests through the lens of a Comic Convention.  
With massive participation, the con saw students teaching each other the lessons of art and narrative that form the base of most every other creative medium.  The head librarian of the school, Ruth Kamnitzer, stated that the graphic novels in the library are now so highly sought by students for check out that, “…some students were offering to ‘sell’ their check out spots in line…” so that other kids desperate to get the next book in a comic series could do so.  One parent was heard to say that her son, who had always avoided reading at all costs, was now nose-deep every afternoon and evening in graphic novels such as the ones on display at the OPCC.
The school looks forward to repeating the event in the future.