Communication is key when it comes to building better relations and understandings. OurPlanet Head of School, Mr.Tim will be communicating and explaining the OurPlanet curriculum and programme each week. Following are the key notes elaborated last week.

  • Early Morning Club (times and costs tweaked)
  • The Start of the Day
  • Be On Time
  • Library
  • Activities
  • Consent Form

Our newest programme, the Early Morning Club, allows us to have students in the school from 7:00am.  However, families must sign up for this Club.  We have tweaked the fees, and now you can choose between 7:00am (drop off any time from 7:00-7:20am, costs 200 OMR for the term until December break) or 7:20am ( drop off any time from 7:20-7:40am for 100 OMR for the term).

We want to make sure our school is safe and our teachers prepared for the day’s teaching.  Children can be dropped off once the big gates open for kiss and drop which will be prompt at 7:40am.  Before that, children are not allowed to be in the school, unless they are part of the Early Morning Club.  A reminder that children are not allowed to be unsupervised in the playground at any time, before or after school.

Please remember, No Left Turns into or out of the school on Al Inshirah Street, and try to move forward at both gates to allow other cars in behind them.

Please be on time!  We are making OurPlanet the best place to learn and grow for our students. Being on time is an important start to the day, and missing learning time is never a good idea!

School starts with Assembly at 7:55, so please have them ready for this, with bags in cubbies.  Latecomers not only lose learning time, they also disturb others from learning.

Beginning this week, children will have a chance to borrow books from the library. Please remember to send your child to school with his/her school library bag on their library day. Please note that this year we have introduced a locally made cloth library bag, and it is required that each child purchase one from the uniform shop. Please label the bag, and feel free to individualize it if you like (some children have written their names on the outside).

Activities will start on Sunday.  The activities you have been allocated, depending on your choices, have been sent by email on Thursday.  If you have not received, please email Mr. Tim (  Payment for Activities is due by the end of the coming week (by September 13th)

Please sign the attached consent and return to us next week.  OurPlanet International School often has events which we communicate to the general public to let them know about the educational activities occurring within our school. The main focus of education, of course, is students, and during the vast majority of time, we will want to focus on students as the subject of these events.

For this reason, we are seeking your permission ahead of time for your child to be interviewed, photographed or videotaped in the event such an opportunity surfaces during the school year. This will include the use of that material on our school website and social media. Please note that OurPlanet’s policy prevents use of a child’s full name in association with their photo or video in any use.


Consent Form

School Programme Overview