I am pleased for our students that they will get a well-deserved break next week after seven weeks of hard work, and I know the teachers have earned their break too.  It has been an eventful and fun first half term for myself as new Principal, and for our new teachers, and we are excited to continue the journey after the break.
Parent Teacher Conferences *CHANGE OF DATE*
Extra learning support lessons (afterschool) for the Arabic A
Play on November 8th (“Secrets”)
Parent Teacher Conferences will happen on Tuesday, October 30th (all day, no school) and Wednesday 31st (afternoon only, after a regular day of school) which is different to what was on the calendar.  We decided that we want to be able to give you feedback, and give you a chance to talk to the teachers now, after the first unit, instead of in December.  It means we can all work together to make each student even more successful, and the December report cards will not be the first time you have heard officially from the school about your child’s progress.  This means there will be no conferences in December, but you will still receive the extended report cards at that time, and you will have the last week of term to make appointments with teachers if you wish to.  
The actual details of how to sign up online for your 20-minute slots to see your homeroom, Arabic, PE, Music and EAL teachers will be sent out the first week back.  Students will be expected to be with parents for PYP 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 to discuss progress and goals for the rest of the year.  For the Early Years 1, 2 and PYP1 students are not expected to be at the conferences, but both teachers and parents will get a chance to discuss progress and goals for their children.
More detailed information to follow!!
Our Arabic department started last week to offer extra learning support lessons (afterschool) for the Arabic A (first language) students from PYP2 to PYP6 who need extra help to build their basic language skills for their grade level and prepare them to pass the MOE exams. The extra support has started and will continue until December 20th, our winter break.  It is on every Sunday or Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.  Mr. Hisham has sent a message to all those students who the Arabic department feels they need support.  If your child was one of these, please check the date and confirm your child’s attendance.  This is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended and is a commitment to build basic Arabic language skills, which are very important in Oman, as well as to pass the exams.  For more information, please contact Mr. Hisham.
The play on November 8th, by the Playtime Theatre Company, is called “Secrets”, and it is going to be a wonderful experience for all our students.  I have mentioned it a few times now, and the homeroom teachers can give more information, and they are also collecting the 3.5 OMR for PYP1-3 students to attend the play presentation, and 5 OMR for PYP4-6 students (they will also have a workshop after the play presentation).
Timothy Sloman,
Head of School