PYP2 (Grade 2) P.E.

Physical education in a PYP school is more than just student participation in sports and games. Its purpose should is:

  • to develop a combination of transferable skills promoting physical, intellectual, emotional and social development; 
  • to encourage present and future choices that contribute to long-term healthy living; 
  • to understand the cultural significance of physical activities for individuals and communities. 

The development of overall well-being is defined through three common strands that have relevance to all teachers: 

  • Identity
  • Active Living 
  • Interactions. 

These strands are concept driven and have been designed to interact with each other, working together to support the overall development of students. 

What will students will be working on this year?

Active Living (Phase 2)

  • Recognize the importance of regular exercise in the development of well-being
  • Identify healthy food choices
  • Reflect on the interaction between body systems during exercise
  • Communicate their understanding of the need for good hygiene practices

Interactions (Phase 2)

  • Value interacting, playing and learning with others.
  • Cooperate with others
  • Seek adult support in situations of conflict
  • Ask questions and express wonderings
  • Celebrate the accomplishment of the group
  • Understand the impact of their actions on each other and the environment.

Identity (Phase 2)

  • Describe similarities and differences between themselves and others through the exploration of cultures, appearance, gender, ethnicity, and personal preferences
  • Explain how different experiences can result in different emotions
  • Recognize others’ perspectives and accommodate these to shape a broader view of the world
  • Become aware of their emotions and begin to regulate their emotional responses and behaviour