PYP2 (Grade 2) Science

The science component of the PYP is characterized by concepts and skills rather than by content. Therefore, OurPlanet ensures that a breadth and balance of science content is covered through the units of inquiry. The knowledge component of science in the PYP is arranged into four strands: 

  • Living things
  • Earth and Space
  • Materials and Matter
  • Forces and Energy.

What will students will be working on this year?

Living Things

  • recognize that living things, including humans, need certain resources for energy and growth
  • identify the major food groups and be aware of the role they play in human development.
  • reflect on the impact of air on living things
  • identify the common components of life cycles (for example, birth, growth, maturity, reproduction, death)

Materials and Matter

  • investigate and identify the properties of air
  • apply his or her understanding about the properties of air (for example, building a windmill)
  • explore links between air, light and sound (for example, thunder and lightning).
  • investigate ways that familiar materials can be reused
  • group materials on the basis of properties for the purpose of recycling
  • describe how a particular material is recycled
  • explore the role of living things in recycling energy and matter.


  • Observe carefully in order to gather data.
  • Identify or generate a question or problem to be explored.
  • Use a variety of instruments and tools to measure data accurately
  • Plan and carry out systematic investigations, manipulating variables as necessary.
  • Make and test predictions.
  • Interpret and evaluate data gathered in order to draw conclusions.