PYP6 (Grade 6) Science

The science component of the PYP is characterized by concepts and skills rather than by content. Therefore, OurPlanet ensures that a breadth and balance of science content is covered through the units of inquiry. The knowledge component of science in the PYP is arranged into four strands: 

  • Living things
  • Earth and Space
  • Materials and Matter
  • Forces and Energy.

What will students will be working on this year?

Forces and Energy (Age 9-12)

  • identify and describe different forms of energy
  • demonstrate how energy can be stored and transformed from one form to another (for example, storage of fat, batteries as a store of energy)
  • assess renewable and sustainable energy sources (for example, wind, solar, water)
  • examine ways in which the local community could be improved in relation to the conservation of energy.

Earth and space (Age 9-12)

  • Describe how natural phenomena shape the planet
  • Identify the evidence that the Earth has changed (for example, land formations in local environment)
  • Reflect on the explanations from a range of sources as to why the Earth changes.

Materials and matter (Age 9-12)

  • investigate how buildings and other structures stand up (for example, piles, buttresses, I-beam girders)
  • investigate the construction of a building or structure and identify the materials used
  • critique the impact of a structure on the natural environment
  • explain people’s responsibility regarding the use of materials from the environment.


  • Observe carefully in order to gather data
  • Use a variety of instruments and tools to measure data accurately
  • Use scientific vocabulary to explain their observations and experiences
  • Identify or generate a question or problem to be explored
  • Plan and carry out systematic investigations, manipulating variables as necessary
  • Make and test predictions
  • Interpret and evaluate data gathered in order to draw conclusions

Consider scientific models and applications of these models (including their limitations)