Learning Sustainability

At OurPlanet International School Muscat, innovative learning strategies are combined with a topical focus. Academic instruction is enriched by activities relevant to the technological development of sustainable systems, particularly renewable energy production, storage, and transport.

We believe incorporating the theme of Sustainability into every aspect of our academic programme and campus life will develop the awareness and interest of children in the smart and sustainable use of resources and related advanced technologies from a young age.

We integrate sustainability principals into the learning experience through our Primary Years Programme units of inquiry and school-wide special events that help students consider the impact human actions have on the planet, and the role they can play in minimising that impact. These popular projects include:

  • Composting – Students “get their hands dirty” while learning about the fascinating process of decomposition. We test different methods for turning organic material into rich, loamy soil that is used in the school garden to produce tomatoes, chickpeas and sunflowers.
  • Recycling – OurPlanet Muscat hosts the only recycling centre in Oman. Many families bring in plastic, paper and cardboard, which we then send to local companies for processing.
  • Community service projects – OurPlanet Muscat organises conservation projects that get the entire community involved, such as cleaning up a local mangrove reserve.
  • Earth Day – During this annual, day-long event, OurPlanet Muscat students visit a series of interactive learning stations, including planting, a scavenger hunt, puzzles, games and a nature film to explore different aspects of sustainability.
  • World Oceans Day – Every June, students celebrate the oceans’ diversity by producing paintings, drawings, photographs and models of creatures found off the Omani coast, including frilled sharks, leatherback turtles, cuttlefish, octopus and great whites.
  • International Environmental Days – We celebrate every opportunity to raise awareness of our fragile planet. For example, Grade 2 students measured the water they saved by turning off the tap while brushing their teeth for World Water Day.
  • Eco-Summit – OurPlanet Muscat brings together students from local primary schools to learn about sustainability through hands-on activities like exploring the “creepy crawlies” that help decompose food scraps as part of the composting process.
  • Weekly classroom sessions – To supplement the curriculum, our Sustainability Coordinator leads age-appropriate discussions and activities on various environmental topics.
  • International Eco-Schools Programme – OurPlanet Muscat connects with like-minded teachers and students at schools around the globe, competing for eco awards as we learn together about sustainability and environmental protection.