At OurPlanet International School Muscat, the theme of Sustainability – a critical issue in the Middle East and around the globe – enriches every aspect of the learning experience.


Knowledge of sustainability and its application have become an indispensable part of life in the twenty-first century.

Oman has traditionally shown a strong interest in innovative technologies, aiming at the sustainable management of a healthy economy and environment. This is reflected in the emergence of numerous enterprises and organisations focusing on promoting awareness of the sustainable use of both renewable (e.g. generation and utilisation of alternative energy) and non-renewable resources.

To be prepared to manage the challenges of global and local changes to a sustainable economy, the new generation requires a different and innovative approach to education. OurPlanet International School Muscat challenges our students to contribute to a sustainable use of resources and to develop and utilize technology in the most natural way.

We believe that Sustainability is a trigger for changing, shaping, and preserving the future and developing creative, educated citizens that are capable of addressing future challenges. With the application of project-based learning, the concept of sustainability will become an integral part of the curriculum and seep into family and social life.