Through our focus on sustainability our students gain an appreciation of our natural world and an understanding of the environmental challenges we face today, as well as the principles and practices of living an environmentally responsible life.  


With a growing understanding of the numerous environmental crises our planet is now facing, education for sustainability has become an integral part of leading curriculum around the world.

At OurPlanet, we aim to embed environmental sustainability within all aspects of our teaching and school life. In this way students gain the knowledge, habits and motivation to become truly globally minded environmental citizen capable of succeeding in our changing world.

Through their units of inquiry, students develop an understanding of the natural world and, importantly, our impact upon it. They learn to ask the questions such as ‘What will be the effect on ecosystems? What will be the effect on human health? How can we make this practice sustainable?’. In this way we hope to inspire both a love of our natural world, a profound appreciation for the ways in which such natural systems benefit human societies, and a deep motivation to protect them.

School life gives ample opportunities for students to practice environmentally sustainable behaviours. Waste free lunches, recycling, using water wisely and conserving electricity are just some of our areas of focus. In this way students make a connection between knowledge and personal action. We hope students are then also empowered to make changes to their home life, and, as they get older, to contribute towards making their communities more sustainable.