A celebration of the Beauty of the Earth

In keeping with OurPlanet ethos of sustainability on January the 9th students, teachers, ‘bears’ and ‘eagles’ took to the stage to celebrate the Beauty of the Earth.  From the moment 37 EY 1 students sang and danced their way flawlessly through their performance it was clear that we were in for a delightful morning.   Every student in our school participated in presenting a diverse programme that included a Bear Hunt, 3 Circle Dances performed by 60 PYP 2 ‘eagles’, a rapping Boy Band, 2 choirs and a spellbinding finale featuring Miss Ana and ballerina Shamma.  

Thank you to the parents who gave so generously of their time and expertise designing costumes, setting up the sound system and accompanying the choirs: to the teachers who prepared the music, the choreography and engineered the sound: to the stage managers ably assisted by the MYP 1 stage crew, to our compere and to the students who with their enthusiasm, energy and joy helped us to celebrate the Beauty of the Earth.