The winter concert was a beautiful event for our school community. We had the great opportunity to see all the students performing musical instruments, singing, dancing and enjoying making live music on stage. Ms. Martha worked hard to make sure that all students were involved and participated actively in the music concert and showed the musical talents of our students with every single performance.

The musical repertoire was well chosen to maintain the audience entertained and we were glad to see parents and other attendees enjoying, clapping, dancing and happily breaking into tears when the emotions could not be contained watching the kids performing so lovely. We also prepared a beautiful winter music stage with snowmen and snowflakes that was made in collaboration with all the students and homeroom teachers.

Lastly, many thanks to all of you dear parents for attending, supporting and preparing the beautiful outfits and costumes for our children that beautifully enhanced the show.

We will see you all again for future music concerts.