Mission & Vision

Caring for our planet’s cycles and natural resources are humankind’s most essential challenges and responsibilities. School is a natural and necessary platform for educating younger generations on their role in ensuring a better future for our planet.

The term “planet” derives from the ancient Greek planētēs and means “wanderer”. Planets are “wandering stars,” but in today’s ever-globalised and interconnected world, we have all become wanderers. Our connection to the rest of the world and one another is stronger than ever before, and should be cared for on every level.

Our Mission

OurPlanet International School Muscat aims to foster a multicultural and inquiry-led learning environment in English and Arabic that promotes sustainability and celebrates Oman’s unique cultural identity.

Our Vision

OurPlanet International School Muscat believes in creating lifelong learners who will build a better and more sustainable Oman and wider world.